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Living Life in all its Fullness

Since 2016 we have developed a strong relationship with St Rocco's Hospice in Warrington. This has enabled us to enhance our pupil's understanding of the Church of England Vision for Education - 'Life in all its fullness' John 10:10.

Life limiting illness and death is discussed during weekly sessions at the hospice and the promotion of being able to live a good life well in the face of difficult situations.

Our projects take place with our Y3 children for a period of 5 weeks and are linked closely to areas of the curriculum that the children are studying. There have been links to the needs of animals within their own habitats and our own individual needs. This resulted in the children providing leaflets to the local community and encouraging hedgehog friendly spaces. One group of children created positivity pebbles which were distributed around the local area for people to find. 


Due to COVID-19 restrictions we have been unable to visit St Rocco's Hospice since January 2020.

What have we learned?

Our pupils have learned how to express their own needs and to how to support others when things become difficult. 

They understand how a hospice operates having visited the inpatient unit, the Vitality centre, spoken to the nursing staff, physiotherapists and fundraising team, worked alongside hospice volunteers and made friends with patients who are supported by the hospice.

As a result of this project our children have developed a strong sense of empathy, responsibility and acceptance of others. They regularly develop ideas for fundraising and speak with enthusiasm about their experience.

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Our focus for British Values this term is: 'Tolerance of different religions and cultures'

In Britain, we demonstrate empathy and understanding of people from different backgrounds. We provide opportunities to learn about different cultures and beliefs reinforcing messages of tolerance and respect.

'Let the chldren come to me.'

Mark 10:14

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